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Summer 2014
For immediate release

For more information, contact Anita Coleman (charisdotcolemanatgaildotcom)

Ocean of Grace: Two Short Stories, A Few Poems and A Reflection

39 pages. 2 short stories. A ballad. 2 songs. Multiple Haiku. A reflection. Plus some photos in the Kindle edition to relieve the magical monotony of always reading le mot juste :).

Kindle edition price for August is $2.99

Print edition $ 4.99

Ocean of Grace is a​ quick, light read, perfect for the beach. 39 pages.
To place bulk orders for the print book, arrange a book signing or interview contact: Anita Coleman at charisdotcolemanATgmaildotcom

Summer 2014
For immediate release

For more information, contact Anita Coleman (charisdotcolemanatgaildotcom
 Casa Charis A Daybook of Freedom

31 meditations. 4 Essays. On the rich themes in the Apostle Paul's Letter to the Galatians. 123 pages. Questions for Bible study.
Kindle edition $ 5.99
Print edition $6.99

Summer 2013
For immediate release 
For more information, contact Anita Coleman (charisdotcolemanatgaildotcom)

Garden of Grace: A Daybook of Faith and Healing

30 meditations and prayers 32 color photos 75 pp. 1 non-profit book; Kindle $ 9.50; Amazon print $6.99; Free Kindle edition Borrow for Amazon Prime members

What can the faithful do when life throws them a curveball? Does faith in Jesus heal? How does it help with the losses, challenges and mundane realities of daily living? What part does church, the extended family of Jesus, play in the daily faith of an individual? 

A former university professor and librarian Anita Coleman answers these questions in the Garden of Grace, a collection of 30 devotions drawn from her garden and gardening experiences while studying Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians.

Garden of Grace covers a range of territory from uplifting meditations inspired by garden insects such as “The Invisible Spider Web and Spiritual Blessings” to winsome reminders for daily living in “Patience, the Body of Christ, and the Praying Mantis.” The colorful devotional of gardening metaphors and allegories is intricately woven with true life stories of spiritual friendships and real photographs of divine and human gifts. In “A Life of Resurrection and Zinnias” a friend’s gift of seeds for a butterfly and hummingbird garden brought forth long-stemmed zinnias in their due season. The lively zinnias emerging from dormancy became a reminder of the life God had prepared for the author even before he created her. “The Grace Received” includes the picture of another gift, an angel birdfeeder standing among bright red flowering salvia. It highlights another spiritual friendship besides friendship with God. The spectacular show of white hybrid iceberg roses and their enduring nature is captured in “Spiritual Athleticism and Iceberg Roses.” Biblical allusions and myths about the pomegranate are clarified with theological insight in "The Tree of Life and Knowing God." A Bibliographical Essay and Theological Background provide details of the author's Bible study and the gardening references used.

Garden of Grace is a new kind of devotional combining as it does solid theology, rigorous research, personal narratives, and photographs of the everyday reflections of an ordinary woman. It is a time-lapsed look at the grace of seeds and the common garden objects, and special people in our lives. 

Rev. Barbara Buck, Associate Pastor at St. Peter’s By The Sea, Rancho Palos Verdes: “Anita’s scholarship shines. The introduction is right up there with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Henri Nouwen, and Eberhard J√ľngel."

Marilyn Tift, Irvine: “Each time I read the Daybook, I discover something different and gain understanding too. The photos, the garden experiences, the personal disclosure, I love it!”

For her pioneering work with digital libraries and open access archives Anita Coleman earned the sobriquet a “Global Thinker” and the Library Journal Mover and Shaker Award in 2007. She has been a teacher and researcher at the University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Arizona, Tucson. She is currently working on Casa Charis: A Daybook of Freedom.  Website:

All proceeds from the sale of the Garden of Grace go to Pravaham: ACommunity for Peace and Justice in rural south India. Pravaham provides a 1-year vocational education program to high school rural dropout girls from poverty-stricken families in oppressed and marginalized communities.

To place bulk orders for the print book, arrange a book signing or interview contact: Anita Coleman at charisdotcolemanATgmaildotcom 


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