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Path of Grace was published in January 2015.The island fortress of Suomenlinna off the coast of Finland and a water-wise garden in Southern California provide the setting for this children’s story. “Why are people mean?” Little Anni asked Nana, her grandmother. Nana helps Anni find her own path of grace by sharing the story of the Bridge of Concord. This is the perfect book for grand-parents, aunts, and teachers to read along with their little ones. 

Print edition is available from CreateSpace and Amazon. Kindle (electronic edition is forthcoming). 

Eyes on Christ: Reflections on Being the People of God in the PC (USA) is a book that essentially wrote itself. I definitely had not planned on writing it! 13 letters and 27 other pieces of writing in a variety of other genres such as a faith statement/confession, Scripture, sample covenant, devotional, and study, from my friends in the Presbytery of Los Ranchos form the centerpiece of this book that may be used for 40 days of prayer and discernment during denominational affiliation. This has been another incredible experience for me of surrendering, letting the Holy Spirit lead, and enjoying the adventures with which I was blessed. Here's what my brother in Christ wrote me: "You were prepared for and called to it and answered the call." It is indeed in the Spirit of the Living Christ that I offer this book to you. To God be the glory.  Kindle edition via Amazon

Print edition via CreateSpace:

Cover for Kindle

Published in 2014: Ocean of Grace (literary collection of short stories, poems and a reflection).

Kindle edition via Amazon:

Print edition via CreateSpace:

Cover for Kindle

Published in 2013: Casa Charis: A Daybook of Freedom (prayerbook/devotional of 31 reflections based on Galatians)
Kindle edition via Amazon:
Print edition via CreateSpace:

Published in 2012: Garden of Grace: A Daybook of Faith and Healing (devotional/prayerbook based on Ephesians)
Full color edition via CreateSpace -
Kindle edition via Amazon,
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