Welcome! I started this blog in 2008, shortly after I left the academic world. I was obeying the call of the Lord Jesus. Blogging comes naturally since much of my professional life has been spent in writing, organizing, sharing, and teaching, using networked computers at first, and the Internet later on. In fact, I just found an old blog of mine for mentoring students - ASC Online! I can't stay away from social media, for long I guess.

My area of professional experience and expertise is Digital Libraries/Repositories, specifically Metadata. I value learning, open access/open source, collaboration, adaptability, and inter-disciplinarity (my own expertise spans Computer Science, Education, Library and Information Science). My doctoral dissertation thesis was titled: Towards the Design of a Hypermedia Journal (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), 1996). I used the emerging WWW protocols to design my proof-of-concept with much of the functionality and interactivity we see nowadays in apps like personal news aggregators and curation tools. My first graduate degree is in the same area as my Ph.D.: Library and Information Science, and my undergraduate degree is in English Literature. My second graduate degree is in Education, major in Curriculum & Instruction (specialization: Educational Technology).

My passion, skills, interests, find expression in digital information, textual mostly and more recently images as well, and my 20 year career in this area has been more or less equally divided. I've always been in academia but for the first 10 years I worked as an academic librarian implementing systems and training users in online library systems, textual databases, and developing multi-database functionality for the forerunners of today's networked digital libraries/repositories. For the second 10 years or so I was a faculty, university teacher and researcher. I taught graduate students in the classroom and online via closed and open networks such as Blackboard, the Internet, and WWW, nurturing, fostering, building semi-virtual learning communities. At the University of Arizona, I developed and taught a specialized Digital Libraries track called Knowledge Structures with the following courses: 1) Organization of Information, 2) Knowledge Structures, 3) Information Seeking Behaviors, 4) Scholarly Communication. Before Arizona, I was a full time researcher with the Department of Computer Science, University of California at Santa Barbara on the Alexandria Digital Library. Other courses I have taught as a doctoral student or as post-doc include 1) Systems Analysis and Design (UIUC),  2) Cataloging & Classification (UIUC), 3) Information Seeking Behaviors (UCLA) and 4) Information Systems Analysis (UCLA). So, you see I'm passionate about new information technologies for playful learning, but now, they are all harnessed for formation and fun in Christ, the major subject of this website.  The last 8 years have been an exhilarating, roller-coaster of a journey ever since I gave myself heart, soul, body and mind to Jesus. He wasn't kidding when he promised his followers "abundant life." I am certainly seeing and experiencing life in all its infinite variety, including pain and pleasure, harmony and chaos.

Peaceful, life-transforming revolutions are very much a part of my life. Long before the term downshifting was coined my family and I were living it; no, it is not about stick shift driving but a slow lifestyle, a revolt against the American dream rat race :). My years in academia were enlivened by the friendships that blossomed when we established dLIST, the first open access repository for the Information Sciences, in which faculty could self-archive; it was our own little contribution to the global Open Access movement, the revolution to free peer-reviewed literature and a revolt against the rising costs of scholarly journals. Now, I've joined the ranks of indie authors and publishers. The summer of 2012 I learned the unforgettable lesson of what it means to do something in God's strength. All glory and honor to our awesome Triune God for the Garden of Grace: A Daybook of Faith and Healing! He has helped me be faithful with Casa Charis: A Daybook of Freedom, which was published in 2013.

Garden of Grace: 
Full color Print - https://www.createspace.com/3904206
Ebook (Kindle)  -  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008RGFQJ4/

Casa Charis: 
B&W Print - https://www.createspace.com/4307582
Ebook (Kindle): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F6HV56U

I am so very glad God called me to join the revolution Jesus started and gifted me with the passion that fuels my ventures. A couple have been documented:
  • Sprouting Up about the Garden Club (at my church, Irvine Pres)
  • Global Thinker about dLIST, Digital Library of Information Science and Technology (from my former life as a Univ. prof.)
I am a friend of Pravaham: A Community for Peace and Justice in India. I designed and continue to maintain and manage their web presence as a volunteer. I also volunteer with our local Police Department. OK, this should have given you more than a feel for me. It is time to close. Peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

Irvine, California
13 March 2014


  1. Hi Anita,
    It was a pleasure for Trina and I to meet you at the Big Tent conference in Louisville. We will be reading your book and hope to keep in touch with you. Hope you can visit us sometime on our farm with all the critters in southern Indiana.

    1. Omg, Wendell, I am so excited! Your note made my day!!!! Still playing a bit of catch-up as I re-enter life after Big Tent. Yes, definitely keep in touch and I would love to visit all the lovely critters and their magnificent keepers. Please give my love to Trina and save some for yourself too. I will email shortly, A

      P.S. I am smiling from ear to ear much like Trina in the photo I captured of her and which I was looking at yesterday!


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