Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rest in Peace, Nancy

Nancy's blue eyes looked kindly at me as we chatted over our brown bag lunches during our PW CT meeting at the El Divino Salvador Presbyterian Church (Church of the Divine Savior) in Los Angeles, August 11, 2014. I learned that Nancy had been a registered nurse, and had recently lost her husband after caring for him. I've forgotten all the details of our sharing but I still remember admiring her courage. Nancy was one of the first Presbyterian woman who caught my attention when I started attending the Gatherings of the PW in my Presbytery. I was very new to PW but I did what I'd tried to do since God had brought me back to the church: I would buy two tickets for Gatherings and God would faithfully send a friend, sometimes new, sometimes someone I already knew to join us. Nancy handled registrations and it was to her that I'd mail my check or pay cash at the CT meetings. Once, however, the friend never materialized. And so as I registered, I mentioned it. Immediately, Nancy returned me the money for the friend's registration. I was floored as I'd never seen anything like it. I was a leader in my church's Women's Ministries which had a firm policy (hotly contested prior to every event we organized!!!): No refunds. Period.  God knew I needed to see quiet women of faith with deep courage and compassion. He gave me Nancy.

Nancy wasn't at our CT meeting last month. I was shocked to hear that she was close to dying. How did this happen? I still don't know and I feel remorse. But like so many PW that I know now, I cling to faith, hope and love. God brought Nancy into my life for a brief season and for clear reasons. Now, Nancy is safe in the arms of Jesus, the faithful servant who has done exceeding well. I have the hope that I will see her.We will all enjoy God's love once again, together. Rest in peace, Nancy. With much love and affection from your sister in Christ, Anita 

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