Monday, April 17, 2017

Eastertide aka Paschal Time: The Mystery of Productivity

Hummingbird in the Garden of Grace
The Monday after Easter Sunday begins the mysterious season of EasterTide, in the Western Christian calendar. It is also known as Paschaltide or Time of Paschal (paschal means relating to Easter or Jewish Passover), a very special time when we pay careful attention to what Jesus has done for us: Death, Resurrection, Ascension and of course, Salvation and Eternal Life. Death and life are very natural and happen around us all the time but Jesus walking around, living a human life after death and resurrection, before going back to Father God is a pure mystery!
As I reflected today, on the first day of Paschal Time,  I felt released, again, from the burden of productivity. Yes, I'm talking about productivity as an economic measure because that's how most of us are valued in human society - in terms of what we make and what we contribute to the culture, progress, the capitalist, market society. Instead of feeling the need to produce something as a testament to not having wasted time (or talent, however little it took), I watched the morning sunlight filter into my garden. I let the hours while away as I smelled the fragrances of the herbs and flowers. I enjoyed the birds flying in and out. I was so still that a hummingbird self-grooming, perched within a few feet from me, captured my full attention. How do we measure this bird's productivity? What is the value of the little hummingbirds? (Remember what Jesus said about the value of a sparrow?)

Life, I realized, is made up of a million mundane daily living tasks all of which can and should be fun.  Except I'd somehow made living an endless stream of productivity chores too, instead of just going with the flow. Enjoying the moment. Finding the things I'd loved to do and doing them for the rest of my life. Neither productivity nor productivity gains count in the long run. How will you spend this Eastertide, this time of the Paschal? Will you rest and take time for healthy min-body-soul self-care?


  1. Thank you, Anita, for sharing this wonderful reminder of the importance of taking time to value the beauty of our God-given surroundings. Love, Linda

  2. Thank you very much. Why is it so hard for some of us to live more in the moment? Beryl Add me to blog, pease.


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