Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chelsea's Ordination

Days like this are hard to come by but when they do, they make me realize that this is what it means to be a blessing. That these sorts of friendships and relationships are what are worthwhile. I've known Chelsea since she came as a freshman to UCI 10 years ago.  Now, I am honored to have had the privilege of being a vital part of her ordination and installation service to the office of Teaching Elder, PC (USA). Here's her presentation, which we, Presbytery of Los Ranchos, did, on behalf of the Presbytery of Santa Barbara

This is Chelsea:
IPC/Veritas Leadership Team
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary emphasis in Hebrew, Exilic History & Archaeology
Youth Ministry in Pittsburgh
Urban Ministry in Pittsburgh
San Diego VA/DOD - Mental Health Chaplain
Research - betrayal trauma theory and moral injury
Now approved by the Presbytery of Santa Barbara for the Validated Ministry of Chaplain at Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria, CA

Humble. Self-effacing. Always there. Jesus "Lead Follower."

Below is the opening prayer that Chelsea thoughtfully and aptly chose for her ordination and installation service. I encourage you to pray it.  It was one of the most meaningful worship services to which I've been. I commend the Canvas team (Kirk, Tonia, Norm, Linda and others) for the smooth beauty and inspiring service, besides of course Chelsea herself; the ordinand typically puts the worship service together.  
Grant, O Lord Jesus,
that the ears which have heard the voice of your songs
may be closed to the voice of dispute;
that the eyes which have seen your great love
may also behold your blessed hope;
that the tongues which have sung your praise
may speak the truth in love;
that the feet which have walked in your courts
may walk in the region of light;
and that the bodies which have received your living body
may be restored in newness of life.
Glory to you for your inexpressible gift. Amen

Liturgy of Malabar, 5th century

Let us pray for our Triune God's hand of favor and blessings to continue to power and energize Chelsea as she ministers at Marian.

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