Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Blessing of Peace (By John Underwood)

Dear Friends,

May the blessings of Christmas and the abiding peace of God be with you.

Be assured that the peace of God is real.
The peace of God abides in the world
And the peace of God abides in you.

Peace is not an illusion, it is a promise.
It is God’s promise to be with us as we walk in this world;
It is God’s assurance of a still quiet voice in the midst of earthquake, wind, and fire;
It is God’s commitment to be a present help in trouble and so to dispel our fears;
It is a promise that is as dependable as the breath and light and love of God.

Peace is not a chimera, it is a prayer.
The more need for peace we see, the greater the prayers for peace that we should raise,
And the more fervent and persistent we should be in the petitions of our hearts for holy peace,
And the more full of confession we should be for the times we have failed to work for peace,
And the more thankful we should be for God’s assurance that if we seek peace we will find it.

Peace is not a dream, it is a responsibility.
It is incumbent on us to be instruments of peace.
It is incumbent on us, insofar as it is depends on us, to live in peace with all God’s children;
It is incumbent on us to have the clean hands and clean heart that give us peace in ourselves.
It is incumbent on us to repent of our sinfulness, that we may be at peace with God;

Peace does not await us in the future, it is with us today.
It is with us whenever we give ourselves to God in worship;
It is with us whenever we surrender ourselves to God’s sovereignty and will;
It is with us whenever we love others as God has loved us;
It is with us whenever we remember the depth of God’s love in the gift of his son;
It is with us at the manger and with us at the cross;
It is with us in our baptism and with us when we are raised to glory in the kingdom of heaven.

So I say once again, may the peace of God be with you.
May you hear peace in the angel’s song of peace on earth that comes to inspire you.
May you feel peace as the Prince of peace walks with you and as you walk humbly with God.
May you know the peace that passes understanding and fills you with oneness in Christ.

The deep, sure, abiding, holy peace of God be with you, this Christmas and always.

I wish you many and merry, holy and joyful Christmas blessings.


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