Monday, November 3, 2014


The denominational discernment update yesterday was not the whole truth. Yes, the Presbytery has appointed three people to the Joint Discernment Team (JDT). Our church is entitled to the same number but yesterday, I learned that our church has appointed at least 5 people; it may be even more as I lost track after the first three. I am wondering how this is even possible? Thus, one of the reasons for the delay is pretty clear :(. Clearly the JDT cannot meet until the two sides are evenly represented. Is equal representation really that hard of a concept to understand? And, what is the work of the JDT? I heard nothing about this. I wonder why. I just feel so very sad.

I have found worship at my church in recent weeks pretty sad. I've become persona non grata to many, which is ok. It is definitely detrimental to nurturing faith. Recently, I questioned myself, yet again, why I continue to speak my position.. From where does my confidence come? My God, as usual, sent me angel armies. Too many people and stories to recount here. I will just share a couple: I attended a wonderful concert last evening, a collaboration in the city of Santa Ana, that school district and our presbytery. It filled me with life-giving joy to see totally disparate secular and spiritual communities come together and the young kids whose lives I am helping to transform. As if that wasn't enough I got yet another precious gift. 

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God;…1 John 4:1

"John Knox is famous for saying, A man with God is always in the majority." As I read the Bible verse and these words the familiar sense of life-giving affirmation revived my aching heart. 

Affirmation was the last thing I expected when I decided to do some late night reading. John, a recently retired clergy friend had honored me by sending his own >200 page in depth study of biblical covenant and marriage. This is where I read the verse and Knox statement quoted above. John continued: "The  words are set in stone in Geneva, Sw.; they are a highlight of the Reformer’s monument there. The prophet Elijah understood that long before the time of John Knox, as he—he alone—challenged the people of Israel and stood by himself against all the prophets of Baal to determine whose God was truly God. Indeed he called on the people and the prophets to test the spirits. So, yes, one single person, standing on the side of God, is always in the majority." 

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