Friday, September 26, 2014

When Grace Came To IPC: Rev. Dr. Jerry Tankersley

Not long ago, one of our lay preachers gave a sermon titled When Grace Came to Town. I don't remember the passage on which she preached or what she talked about. The title, however stuck with me because grace - human and divine - is a big theme of this blog. This Wednesday, I felt divine grace visited IPC in the person of Jerry Tankersley. I pray that my brothers and sisters in IPC will sense the same and our Session turn away from the undertaking of denominational realignment.

I wish I were full of grace and patience like the Rev. Dr. Jerry Tankersley, Senior Pastor at Laguna Pres. Church, who spoke at our Town Hall this week. Jerry and his church are staying in the PC (USA) and he's been sharing their reasons with many of the churches in our presbytery for the last year. His address on this same topic at Trinity United (Santa Ana) was on Sept. 29, 2013, almost exactly a year ago. He's like "a beggar" as Jerry himself noted wryly in his conclusion, pleading for Christian unity. Yet, there was no trace of disappointment or discouragement in his voice. Only grace. As for me, I realized, yet again, as I looked around the room, how much I love my IPC family. This is where God brought me 8 years ago and where I have found many loving brothers and sisters. This is my mission field, he affirms over and over again, and the truth is I've now spent more time with this congregation than any other. They've loved and nurtured my faith even as I hope I have served them, as best I can and in his strength. The faces all looked so dear in the evening light; many were deeply and clearly concerned, even showing pain. Thanks to everybody who's praying for all of us. I continue to covet your prayers for this particular fruit of the Spirit in me: Patience/Forbearance.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Errata (Eyes on Christ book of Aug 2014)

Dear Readers, 

It is always embarrassing to find errors in a book after publication but typographical errors are often common and quite as easily forgiven. However, I’m afraid I must report and correct a significant error in the Eyes on Christ kindle and print editions of August 2014. The correction has now been made to the kindle edition published 22 September 2014 and will be made to the print as well, in the days to come (probably through a new revised edition). The errata sheet is also being made available online so you can print the correction yourself.