Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ocean of Grace: Choose A Book Cover

Our lives are sacred. 
Each of is valuable. 
Often, the fast pace of our modern lives shrouds these truths. 
Ocean of Grace, a modest literary collection aims to help  us re-discover a sense of the sacred and experience the grace that is present in every moment of our lives. 

That is the short description of my book Ocean of Grace. I have been trying to get it out the door for awhile now. The content was ready to be published in Spring but the Spirit led me to wait. While the short description for the book flowed naturally I have had a bit of difficulty choosing the picture and colors for the cover.

Two pictures - Shadows and Waves and Gone to the Beach made it to the top. The first one seen here is Shadows and Waves (aka Beach Shadows or Shadows on the Beach)

I shared with friends the Ocean of Grace book cover which used Beach Shadows and the photograph of Gone to the Beach. Most it seemed to me liked the Beach Shadows cover (I have to count though as I think it might be roughly equal). "This picture is loaded with meaning: "Unceasing waves suggest unceasing grace washing us ( shadows)."

Some liked the Gone to the Beach photo for the book cover. A couple brilliantly suggested I add use both photos. Add the Gone to the Beach inside the book as a surprise. An astute marketing comment came from another friend:  Gone to the Beach if you are trying to reach non-spiritual people (not in touch with spiritual things)...Oceans of Grace if target audience is spiritually searching/thinking people."

I invite you to weigh in. What do you think?

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