Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Comparison of ECO, PC (USA) and EPC

A little more than a week ago, May 20, 2014, the Office of Theology and Worship, PC (USA) released a chart: Comparison of Basic Beliefs and Viewpoints of Three Presbyterian Denominations: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (PCUSA), Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO), and Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). The comparison chart was developed "at the request of Mid-Council leaders in the Presbyterian Church (USA)... Every effort has been made to make this as accurate as possible, using the official documents of each denomination as sources." The comparisons themselves are 2 pages long - 13 issues ranging from foundational beliefs (about substitutionary atonement, etc.) to statements/view of the denomination on Marriage, Abortion, and Per Capita Income (how much per person does the church have to pay to the denomination), and Property Ownership (who owns the church property). The PC (USA) Confessions, EPC's Essentials of Our Faith, and ECO's Essential Tenets are also attached.

You can download/read the Adobe Acrobat pdf file from the PC (USA) website: https://www.pcusa.org/get/resources/resource/31175/

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