Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Booty Ballet is a hit!

Pravaham students and the leadership team LOVED Booty Ballet! Here's what one student said after the first day: "I feel light, free, happy." All glory to God! Thank you Jennie for so beautifully submitting to the Spirit and coming alongside us to help build God's Kingdom. Thank you, Marilyn, for never doubting my "dancing" vision and always, always supporting me. Isn't God amazing how he brought all this together? And, you've been so faithful, so committed. A mother could not have done more! Thank you, Don, for your part in this without which I could not have written the grant. Thank you, Christie, for walking alongside me, as many of the steps towards Pravaham as possible. We'll be here together, thangachi :). The picture shows bouquets the students made and gave me, upon my departure, using flowers and foliage from the Pravaham gardens.

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