Monday, November 25, 2013

The Invitation

The formal invitation for the Pravaham Christmas Program was the first thing I saw in my mail today. I am humbled and honored.

Lucy's invitation, which I received quite some time ago, is surely an honor. But, as Bill pointed out, more, much more than that invitation is God's call. God's decision and orchestration of recent events in my life to have me celebrate my sister's birthday with her and be with the Pravaham community on 7th is nothing short of a miracle. The greatest honor is also that God has chosen me to represent him at these two very special events. God's timing and sending of me is marvelous. Indeed.

Today, Jennie and I completed the shooting of the 45 minute "Booty Ballet" that I will be taking to India with me. We only had to shoot one or two songs twice. That's how perfectly it all went. I had scheduled 2 hours for shooting this workout. Jennie had thoughtfully allowed an extra 30 minutes in her own schedule. But we were done well before the 2 hours were up. How amazing is that? God is so faithful and good when we are obedient, follow His leading, and don't try to do too much. Just what He calls us to do. More about this later.


  1. The dance project sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Would love to see the video when you return!

    1. Thanks Christie! For sure you will see it! Hey, you should also come and try it live, with us one of these days. Jennie's having class on Fri and Sat. this week at 9 am :) I'd love for you to be my guest one of these days. Another option is when I'm back, a 4 pm Fri. class.


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