Thursday, November 28, 2013

In His Saddle!

A few days ago, my cousin, who worships here, sent me a totally fun lifestyle story of Norco Christian Church: Peter Fischetti's "For some, riding to church is heaven."

I love that I got to read it today, Thanksgiving Day. There are many great reasons to be thankful to God but the biggest one for me is that I am riding in his saddle :). Puzzled? Huh? Read on.

Norco is a unique city in Riverside County. Acre homes (homes of 1-acre are more) are common in Norco and I was always fascinated by the signs advertising them when I rode the freeways in Southern Californian. A lot of horse lovers apparently live in Norco and ride their horses to the Norco church and hence, the name of their church is most appropriately, In His Saddle. Listen to the pastor and a member of the congregation share about what it means to ride on their horses to worship God, in the video below.

I am grateful to God for his people everywhere and am inspired to continue to use my imagination, divinely, like this for Christ's glory! His plans for my first short term mission trip to Pravaham, India, continue to unfold well, healing and renewing me with his life-giving hope.
Yesterday evening, after Thanksgiving Eve worship, Barbara R. who has been praying for one of the Pravaham students gave me a letter to take to her (with one for me). This is the first letter/message I've received to take with me and I'm so very grateful that it came unasked.

Happy Thanksgiving. May His blessings totally overtake you and your loved ones!

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