Friday, October 4, 2013

The Price of Freedom: World Communion Sunday

A couple of days from now, my friend and I will be celebrating World Communion Sunday with an Arab Fellowship. The fellowship has been in existence for a while but I only recently found out about it. When I did, quite naturally, I wanted to worship with them. I don't know Arabic and I don't know what to expect but I am sure, it will be pretty powerful. The Rev. Adel Malek's calling alone is an incredible story.  A professional engineer of Egyptian origin, Adel, became an ordained Presbyterian pastor and this is his ministry.
I will share more about my worship experience after it is done. In the meantime, World Communion Sunday is a particularly good day to remember that the bread which we partake represents the body of Christ that was broken for people all over the world. I was touched by this short video, Welcome to Egypt. I invite you to pray for Egypt and the Middle East and consider the price of freedom that was paid for all of us. Thanks!

Below is an excerpt from the letter from Egypt (a little different form the video shown),

"The entire Presbyterian and Christian community here was deeply wounded by the attacks this August, and yet there is a hope within them that is undeniable. 

In sharing the story of this visit with an Egyptian friend at the seminary here in Cairo, we lamented the loss and the devastation. But then she said something that truly captures this very pivotal moment in the life of the church here, and for so many Egyptians who have lived through this tumultuous summer and a year of repression under President Morsi. “This is the price of our freedom,” she said."

The complete text of the letter is available on the Presbyterian Mission Agency website. 

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