Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Six Dimensions of Discipleship: Peter's Perspective

Discovery, Disappointment, Denial, Delight, Disgrace, and Deliverance are Peter's perspective (and experiences) of the Six Dimensions of Discipleship, Pastor Scott's sermon yesterday.

Scripture: John 21: 15-19 (NIV) - Jesus asks Peter three times "do you love me more than these?"

Discovery is the 1st dimension of discipleship.
Jesus offers more than a livelihood or a career, a better, grander purpose than we can ever imagine.
Disappointment is the 2nd dimension of discipleship.
Following Jesus includes suffering and disillusionment by the fine print of discipleship.

Denial is the 3rd dimension of discipleship.
When the suffering gets too much we sometimes deny our discipleship, deny following Jesus.

Delight is the 4th dimension of discipleship
Impulsive Peter runs half naked through the ocean to greet the risen Jesus, now, perhaps, dimly understanding the suffering.

Disgrace is the 5th dimension of discipleship
To the questions, will you live into the name, the person God created you to be, love him, tend and feed his sheep we often reply "I friend you, Jesus."

Deliverance is the 6th dimension of discipleship
Devoted love to Jesus precedes our commitment to acts of service.

It's ok be at any one of these dimensions of discipleship. God is faithful to be with us at any point. Jesus, the risen Savior, has restored our relationship with God and he asks us over and over, just as he does with Peter, "Do you love me? Follow me."

Audio file of the Sermon is available in the Irvine Pres C Sermon Archive, by clicking here.

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