Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking on Water

Saturday evening, before Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week, my husband and I walked into Lowe's. I had prayed, yet again, for God to show me that he is real by making possible what seemed like an impossible task. We had just left Home Depot after unsuccessfully trying to match a paint. Our ceilings were being painted over and the painter had waited until after 4:30 pm Saturday to let us know that the paint we had given him first thing early that morning, for touch-up of the side walls was "no good." To make matters worse he also delivered us an ultimatum. If we didn't have the paint next morning - Palm Sunday - he would not be coming back to do the touch-up, his job was done. Needless to say we were not happy campers. Our walls are Swiss Coffee, a Vista paint and my husband quickly discovered that all the Vista Paint stores in our county had just closed for the day. Hence our evening run into Home Depot (who we found carried Vista paints but not the Swiss Coffee color) and then, Lowe's.

I was talking to God as my husband drove us. I thanked him for how smoothly everything had gone until now. I was hopeful and unstressed about this minor hassle, confident that God would work it out for good. Then, Joseph Campbell (author of The Hero With A Thousand Faces, one of the most influential books of all time) and The Power of Myth (Bill Moyers' chat with Campbell), a PBS TV series, came to mind, bringing in the disquieting thought about God being a myth; Campbell in his book traces the archetypal hero present in the monomyth of many cultures and religions, Buddha, Moses, and Christ included. Jesus is not just another mythical hero, I thought, vehemently, He is God. God, I know you are real. You've showed me that countless times, so why do these random associations of intellectual doubt keep coming into my mind? And, I am not going to keep asking for fix-ups when so many other people have really big problems and mine is just a minor matter, I affirmed. We will have a good experience even if we don't get the paint we need right-away.

Well, Jazmine was our paint expert at Lowe's and what she did for us quite restored my faith, in people. Although Lowe's didn't carry Swiss Coffee, she gave us sample cards we could bring home to match with our existing walls and return the next morning to get the paint before the painters arrived. I left the store walking on water, smiling at Jesus.

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