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About Staying or Leaving the PC(USA)

Editorial Note dated 24 May, 2014: Since writing this post, Geneva Pres. listed below as one of the churches seeking dismissal, has decided not to leave.

My Presbytery of Los Ranchos is in a season of discernment. The ECO denomination unveiled its theology and polity last year - congregations, presbyteries, synod but no General Assembly - and some churches nationwide are prayerfully considering if they should seek gracious dismissal (this link will take you to an article titled Poll: PCUSA Church Members Increasingly Favor Same-Sex Marriage, published by the Free Republic, October 2012). So I, new to the LRP-SCT, put together this little bibliography for myself; please be aware that documents (bibliographies and opinions) on my blog don't represent the SCT, Los Ranchos Presbytery, my church or the PC(USA). Bibliographies may not even represent me as they are meant to be comprehensive :). Bottom line: I'm learning about this issue and I am sharing as it might be helpful to other newbies too.

The Los Ranchos Discernment Website includes a Discernment Resource List and information about the Open Space Discernment Events scheduled from February through May 2013 (see also the new Los Ranchos Discern Blog). How are other churches in our presbytery discerning? Here's the discernment links for: St. Andrews | Trinity Pres. | Geneva Pres. | Good Shepherd
News and Views From Around the Blogosphere and On the Web:

Covenant Network of Presbyterians
Achtemeier, Mark. (October 28, 2012). The Plan-B God. URL: Last Accessed 03/13/13.

ECO: Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians
Members. (This is a list of churches arranged by state) (n.d.). Last Accessed 03/13/13.

Ortberg, John. (19 January 2012). A Vision of Ministry and Introducing ECO. URL: Last Accessed: 03/13/13. I was very sad to read this written by such a godly man.

Fellowship of Presbyterians
Eyre, Stephen and Naegeli, Mary Holder. (2012). Doorways: Study Guide for the Essential Tenets. Leader's Guide. Foreword by Richard Mouw. URL: Last Accessed: 03/13/13.
FOP is an interesting concept to say the very least :). Check out their About page:

GA HELP: Collected PCUSA Commentary.
(by) Austell, Robert. URL: Austell aimed to provide the most relevant online articles from all different perspectives. There's summaries of the GA 220 as well as all the different movements and positions in our denomination (progressive, moderate, evangelical). Austell, as per the About page, is a pastor, served as 2008, 2012 Commissioner and also authored the gracious dismissal resolution. He also has his own blog. Two other helpful features on the GA-Help blog are the Blog Tracker categories page and the link provided to the The #pcusa daily (a newspaper of daily tweets about PC(USA) that uses the curation platform). Other than the twitter #pcusa feed the site's in archive mode, it appears since October 2012, when it was last updated.

Jeff Keuss: Theology and Culture. A TheoBlog for Creativity, Pop Culture, and God Stuff.
Keuss, Jeff. (29 January 2012). PCUSA and Here Comes the Sun: Listening for the Music. URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Keuss, Jeff. (20 January 2012). Making a Way: ECO, PCUSA, and Footpaths in the Rain. URL: Last Accessed: 03/06/13.

Keuss, Jeff (14 May 2011). Stained and Poured Out: Baptismal Vows, Acts 15, and Being the Stained Community of God. URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.
About his participation  in the Re-forming ministry project through the PC(USA).

Keuss, Jeff (12 May 2011). Amendment 10-A and Dulles' Community of Disciples: Do We Have A Reason to Divide the Church URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.
Using Avery Dulles, a Catholic theologian's Models of the Church Keuss provides a convincing argument for why the denomination should look beyond itself to the broken world.

The Layman
Key, Nathan (6 March 2013). Colorado Church Withdraws Request For Dismissal.  URL: Last Accessed 03/13/13. Nice!

LaBerge, Carmen Fowler. (2012). Defining the Relationship Between the FOP, the PCUSA, and the ECO. URL: Last Accessed: 03/13/13.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Leaving the PC(USA). Q & A. URL:  Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Robert, Mark. (2008). The End of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Revisited. Last Accessed 03/13/13.

Roberts, Mark (2008). Why Not Just Leave the PC(USA)? Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Stand Firm: Faith Among the Ruins
Fischler, David (23 May 2012). Two PCUSA Presbyteries Shed 30% of Membership. URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

StayPC(USA): Staying in Without Selling Our Solas
Why We're Staying. URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Bower, Joshua (27 June 2012). I'm Staying Because God Called Me Here. URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Craiglow, Jodi (27 June 2012).  Staying Put in a Brand New (to me, at least) Home. URL: Last Accessed: 03/06/13.

Huff, Jason (28 June 2012). Because Jesus Loved Samaria.  URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Normington, Seth (29 June 2012) Why Stay? Why Not? URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Simonds, Mark (28 June 2012). If I go there will be trouble. If I stay it will double. URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Smith, Shawn (28 June 2012). Staying to Witness to Neighbors (and Colleagues). URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Sprinkle, Barnabas (27 June 2012) Heretics? Probably. Apostate? Nope! URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Theology Matters: A Publication of Presbyterians for Faith, Family and Ministry
Burton, Bryan (1995). Faithful Witness to the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ.  Theology Matters 1 (6). URL: Last Accessed: 03/13/13.

Thinking the Faith, Praying the Faith, Living the Faith: A Blog of the PC(USA) Office of Theology and Worship
Ensign-George, Barry (2 November 2011). A Time to Play the Long Game. URL: Last Accessed 03/06/13.

Btw, my favorite book on Presbyterian history is still Paul Carlson's Our Presbyterian Heritage, Elgin, Illinois, David C. Cook Publishing, 1973. There do appear to be newer editions than mine which was printed in 1976!

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