Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Melasma Thoughts (Part 1)

What is Post Inflammatory Melasma (PiM)? How is it different from ordinary Melasma? Is Melasma really a disease? To answer questions like these I wrote an essay. This is not it, though! These are just some of the thoughts that I've had over the last year, since being diagnosed with PiM. The disfiguring, alienating disease has given me a new appreciation for God's grace. It has created in me a wellspring of gratitude, the depths of which I've yet to plumb, and stoked my creativity and love for order, discipline, beauty, and harmony. It has also brought me face to face with a bugbear of human society and culture, skin color. I share the personal thoughts first, as a prayer, and then, in a follow-up post Part 2, the socio-cultural analysis. Finally, I will share all that I've found out about PiM in a separate Part 3 post.

1) Our common life depends on each others' toil. Father, help us work hard and be grateful for every other human being on this planet. We don't know exactly how, but we appreciate that every one of our lives and toil counts and makes this world a better place for others.
2) Our individual and collective losses are simply staggering. Dear Jesus, help us embrace our losses fully  - for ourselves and in empathy, compassion or others. May healing begin and be complete.
3) People are beautiful, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, or health. Help us, Wonderful Awesome God, to see beauty in every human being.
4) Christian freedom is often misunderstood as religious, political, or another type of freedom. Open our eyes and minds so we can see clearly what Christ's death on the cross has freed us from. Guide and sustain us so that our lives are worthy of your sacrifice. Help us see the world - Jesus' kingdom of God - for which you have created us and help us to prepare ourselves for the real world to be, may Your Kingdom come, our Father. Amen.

Lenten Action: Daily, name a way in which the perfect love of God for billions of human beings, including yourself, can be seen. Meditate on it. Spend some time contemplating God's perfect love.

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