Monday, February 18, 2013

Introducing Arjun - Please join me in welcoming him

Yesterday, I invited Arjun Mathuranayagam, a young man trained as a doctor, to Eyes on Christ. In response, Arjun shared his powerful testimony, the best possible introduction to himself. Please join me in welcoming Arjun. I am confident that our Lord Jesus Christ will bless many through his writings.

I'd like to share my own experience with my fellow believers. You see,about 10 years ago, in the year 2002 to be exact, my life began to shatter beyond repair......or so I thought at that time. My dad died gruesomely following paralplegia and unrelated amputation of his left leg....on Christmas Day,a day that I could never relate with any unhappiness until then. He had been practically bedridden for the preceding 4 years,and the onus was upon my mom and I to devote our entire time,24/365,to ease his discomfort. Following his death,I went into shock and confusion,being unable to come to terms with the fact that the gilded environment within which I existed had split wide open. My overbearing ways subsequently overtook my mom,who left home early one morning never to be heard of again. My situation seemed to have become practically fatalistic. I was 39,and potentially suicidal. But one thing held me together.....Faith in Jesus Christ,imbued in me since childhood by my family. People I hardly knew earlier helped me so much,in every little way. 3 years later I married,and I'm now happily settled with my devoted wife and 2 little children, totally due to Jesus' Benevolence. Of this I'm sure,because more than anything else, my unshakeable Faith and Belief in The Lord's Benevolence sustained me throughout. I know that any help that I received,from whomever it was, was Ordained by Him. Mortals carried out His Will on His Behalf. My last words, my last thoughts before I die should remain,"Praise The Lord'. - Arjun, Madras (Chennai), India

Note: Arjun and I re-connected with each other last year after having lost touch for over thirty. We share a great-great-great grandfather; Arjun's grandmother, Dr. Florence Mathuranayagam was one of the first women gynecologists who successfully founded and ran a maternity hospital in South India.

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