Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comfort Cool Whole House Fan

David Goodbrand installed our Comfort Cool Whole House Fan a month or so ago and what a pleasant experience that was! If you're considering a whole house fan I highly recommend David Goodbrand, Comfort Cool Whole House fans.

We've used the fan - Centric 2.7 - a few times already this winter and been very happy with its performance. We used the fan to cool the house a couple of nights when it got really warm and humid this winter. Another time, I burnt some popcorn or tortillas (can't remember which one now) and so we turned it on. The fan quickly got rid of the unpleasant burn smell, in seconds literally. I will post a fuller review, including electric bills savings, later this summer, once we've used the fan more regularly to cool our home.

The whole process of getting the fan installed was painless and easy. David asked a few questions (the key one is size of the home) and gave us his recommendation and the price (actually all the information, including cost estimates are on his excellent website). Next, David discussed the attic ventilation required.  Since our home didn't have the required ventilation, we used David's roofer recommendation (Robert Whitney, Whitney Roofing, Newport Beach) to get the extra vents we needed to run the whole house fan. Robert's team installed 6 O'Hagan flat vents. The day after the vents were installed, I climbed up to the roof to see them. Definitely an unforgettable experience. But the wonderful thing is that these vents, unlike our (ugly) dormer vents, cannot be seen from the street.

David did the installation himself and the whole thing took about a couple of hours. We qualified for a $200 off-season discount. David also gave us a free upgrade ($200 value approx.) from the gravity damper to the power-actuated cold climate damper because he'd forgotten to take our attic access into consideration in the original estimate. The gravity damper would not fit through our access and so he upgraded us, at no extra cost. No fuss. No whining. Just a plain statement and solution. That was impressive and highly commendable.

Why a whole house fan? One, its in keeping with the simple and smart living principles to which Christ has called our family. Two, its a no-brainer given the cooling we get for pennies per hour that it costs to operate besides the $50 rebate we get from the electric utility for installing one. How did I choose this particular fan, David and his company? Well, along with all the technical and quality requirements, I also wanted someone local, in the OC (rather than in LA, SD or Riverside). I prayed about it and God led me to David through an Orange County Register article (see below). Later, I also found out that David and his brothers went to the same school as my dance teacher, Jennie of Tustin Dance Center. Jennie remembered the Goodbrand boys - David, Mike, Donnie (the one in the class just above her, she remembered)- as really nice.

We've been wanting to get a whole house fan for almost a year now and in God's perfect time it finally happened. Thank you, David.


Comfort Cool Whole House Fans.

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