Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day

Ash Wednesday was a memorable day this year. I'm feeling incredibly blessed, beloved, happy. Perhaps its because we've been exchanging Valentine's Day gifts and goodies, connected in real time with two favorite sisters, many friends including those from my beautiful church family, and got to pray and worship in the company of earth-bound angels surrounded by the heavenly hosts; my afternoon Prayer group was joyful, uplifting and Ash Wednesday service later in the evening was thoughtful, moving. All this is keeping my creative juices flowing! The love fest continues. Happy Valentine's Day!!! May you feel God's love.

This year, instead of giving something up for Lent as I usually try to do, I'm adding something: Self care, in the form of three healthy meals eaten on time, nightly sleep of eight hours, Daily Office and Examen; besides creative writing, cooking, and flower-arrangements that inspire and nourish my family, friends, myself, all these will be, above all, daily reminders of God's tremendous love and sacrifice for us. Loving oneself - body and soul - in the best way we can, not only nurtures our spirit and that of our loved ones, it honors and brings glory to God.

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