Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A New Song, Eructavit Cor Meum + Booty Ballet!

My heart is stirring with a new song, 
Let me share what I have fashioned for my King of Kings.
You are a gracious God faithful forever.

You have given me garments fragrant with joy, 
You have anointed me with the oil of gladness,
You have brought me to a place of abundance
And blessed me with the perfect life.

Is there more I can do, O Lord? 
Thank you for my own small part 
To Make Your name remembered from one generation to another. 

This is my first pass at rewriting Psalm 45 (ESV), a part of my lectionary reading for yesterday (BCP). It captures, perfectly, my mood over the last couple of weeks.

Psalm 45 is a psalm for a royal wedding. According to some scholars it was probably used regularly at royal weddings. From very early on, the psalm is also considered to be a messianic prophecy and in the Christian liturgical tradition it is sung on Christmas Day. The poet's introduction is v.1; next he addresses the king in v. 2- 9, the princess is addressed in v. 10 - 15, and he closes with promises of famous sons, v. 16-17. My version, of course, is a bit different. I am just so very grateful to God for all that He continues to shower upon me. I am grateful for the people in my life - family, friends, church, and neighbors - near and far.

Today, Halloween Day, my Booty Ballet class turned out to be a fun play and lunch date with our very own Barbie Doll (our absolutely fabulous dance teacher Jennie at the hospitable and charming Tustin Dance Studio), Raggedy Ann (another fabulous dancer Shannon), and Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Party Skeleton (exuberant, lovely Sara). I, naturally, was an Indian folk dancer (euphemism for boring old Indian). I wore a plain salwar  kameez outfit with the dupatta. I wanted to dress as a Bharatanatyam dancer (classical Indian dance) but when I tried it on, I knew I wouldn't be able to manage any of the ballet moves beyond the demi-plié and perhaps the grand-plié in that costume. Plus, there will always be another opportunity.

Just wearing a costume makes everything so different. As Jennie pointed out.the whole world looked new and exciting. For me though, it was totally weird doing the ballet repertoire in an Indian costume:  plie, dégagé, tendu, rond de jamb en terre, rond de jambe en l'air releve, grand battement, developpe, coupe, attitude, forced arch plies, pirouettes, arabesque, and so much more. Still, I loved the workout. Dancing with friends like these is so much fun and what God wants me to do - just relax and enjoy my life, not be forever striving. Oh yes, Shannon came up with a new name for the 8s that we all like to do: Infinity. Except we're going to say it in french, naturellement - infinité! My own personal title for it is Oui Huit (oui is yes and huit is 8 in french pronounced with the t at the end). Now, if only a new dance would spring from my uncoordinated body and make it graceful too! We went out to lunch at Taco Rosa where most of us had lobster tacos. It was awesome. Thank you Jennie, Sara and Shannon. Happy Halloween and God bless!

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