Saturday, December 4, 2010

Haiku on the beach

 Mid-week, I found out, can be a pretty inspirational time to enjoy the beach. Marilyn and I've been experimenting going to the beach at different times. This week we went on a Wednesday around 3 pm. Driving on the curvy, hilly road, tantalizing glimpses of a tranquil, flat ocean caught our attention. It wasn't "sparkling like diamonds" as Marilyn had noticed a day earlier driving the same road. Still, when we got there, the smell of the sea air together with the brown sands and calm grayish blue just seemed to lift me up and before I knew it, I was a seagull skimming effortlessly over the waves, not just a shorebird foraging painstakingly at the edges.

The day was December 1st. Fall is almost over and winter was not far away; 21st December will be winter solstice, the first day of winter, this year. Yet, here we were on a sunny, almost tropical, beach.  I could even see palm trees not too far away. We had less than an hour to spend at the beach but time stood still until we got our fill of the sun warmed sea air, brown sand bars and the crisp cold waves.  We walked along the shore, allowing the cool low tide waters to kiss and hug our feet adoringly, humbly. I loved looking back to our footprints disappearing, washed away, as we walked. It was like there was two of me, nonchalant me stooping every now and then to pick up seashells or stepping over the seaweeds, enjoying the smells and feels, even the slight numbness in my legs caused by the temperature of the water. Then, there was ecstatic me soaring in a welter of memories and dreams reliving antics of bygone days with sand smudged chocolate feet.

How blessed I am to live in this land where I can walk along the beach, unencumbered by warm clothes, in the fall season. How blessed I am to have a friend like Marilyn who always affirms me and keeps me pointed to Jesus. How blessed I am to be able to enjoy God's wonderful creations during mid-week working hours. How blessed I am to have my body and soul replenished and my attention kept on him. My heart overflows with gratitude. Composing haiku was my response and Marilyn played along too. Finding words and metaphors to evoke fall  in a So Cal beach was not easy but the beach does inspire and before we knew it we had quite a few! Which we quickly forgot :).

When it was time for us to leave, I looked at the ocean for one last look. The colors of the waters had changed to a deeper blue. Was it an azure blue or stormy blue, perhaps lapis lazuli? I don't know but I do know now what they mean when a woman is likened to the ocean - beautiful and ever-changing.  Thank you, dear God, for all of your diverse and beautiful creations. I just love it! Science, of course, tells us how and why the color of the oceans change (check out this website from NASA if you want to learn more: Below is a haiku of the colors of the ocean. I've also included a few others as a record of my wonderful time at the beach on Dec. 1, 2010.

Green, gray, blue celeste,
Lapis lazuli, stormy,
azure blue too!

Winter solstice days
Will soon be here in So Cal
Land of sun and sea.

The ocean beckons
Brown sand, blue water waves
Sun diamonds follow.

Poinsettia blooms
Palm trees and tranquil oceans
Sparkle red, green, blue.

Blue seas remind me
Of Marilyn's lovely eyes
Piercing, yet serene. 

Corona del Mar
My heart awakens to you
God's Crown of the Sea.


  1. I love the photo with the shadows in the water. Nice haiku, too.


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