Monday, August 2, 2010

What would you like the IPC Garden Club to be?

What would you like the IPC Garden Club to be & Ideas for Meeting Topics - April/July 2010 

Note: Names have been removed for web privacy purposes

Respondents 1 & 2 (co-leaders of the Garden Club, related posts are here (Missio Dei) & here (Sprouting Up))
  • Gardening to build local communities
  • Gardening as Christian Soul Care & In Memory of our Moms
  • Gardening as a global service project – raising funds for Pravaham: A Community for Peace and Justice, India
Respondent 3
  • More information on growing tomatoes. (Jon might even be able to do it)
  • Know more about vegetable gardens
  • Proper trimming and feeding of plants
  • Growing bulbs
  • Organic pest control
  • Growing herbs
  • Learn square foot gardening
Respondent 4
  • Would love to see an event like flower arrangement class/demo or a flower or garden painting class/demo
  • Herb gardens + simple vegetables
  • Compost + fertilizer “organic”
  • pest control
  • I would like to learn how to do cuttings so I can share plants w/people

Respondent 6
  • Using natural pest control
  • Education about what type of fertilizer and when to use them
  • “How to” propogate
  • Grafting irises or other plants
  • Occasional field trips
  • Share vegetable bounties – agree to grow different tomato types to share
  • How to make a terrarium, succulent wreath, etc.
Respondent 7
  • Which plants (flowers, fruits, vegetables) grow well in our climate?
  • Meet before season starts to discuss which seasonal flowers to plant
  • Growing vegetables and fruit trees (lemons, grapes)
  • Ideas for a backyard design
  • Gardening in a busy life

Respondent 8
  • I'm mainly interested in sharing plants, growing for missions, & planting vegetables for sharing food
  • I also like to plant for wildlife, to create habitats for our neighborhood creatures
  • Would like to learn more about natural pest control & worm composting 

    Respondent 9
  • Vegetables and herb garden
  • Tropical fruits
Respondent 10
  • Seeds - collection, saving, planting, exchange
  • Propagating by cuttings
  • Composting – what, how, containers, etc.
  • Container gardening – ideas for inexpensive/free containers, containers for starting seeds, soil mix, etc.
  • Plants for shade/part sun
  • I would love to do a “service project” such as starting vegetable seedlings for El Nino or S.O.S (Share Our Selves, Costa Mesa)
    Respondent 11
  • Proper soils/fertilizer for growing given plants
  • Fruit/vegetable gardening
  • Rose gardening
    Respondent 12
  • Fruit/vegetable gardening – strawberries
  • Flower gardening (pruning, transplanting, etc.)
Respondent 13
  • Learn how to plant the tomato plants I've been given in hanging containers to hopefully protect them from critters that ate most of our tomatoes last year before we could harvest them
  • Ideas on shade and partial shade plants for atrium
  • Interested in the succulent gardens
Respondent 14
  • A tour of this place in Santiago Canyon: Arden, Helena Modjeska House & Gardens, Tours by reservation (949) 923-2230
Respondent 15
  • I would love to know how to get rid of whiteflies and those nasty little gnatty flies without using poison.

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