Friday, May 14, 2010

A Meditation on Peas

For quite some time now I've been thinking about peas, how modest the plant is in my garden with its tiny sweet flowers, delicate, attractive leaves, and graceful, tasty peas. I love growing peas! They take so little space. Yet, they produce so much and need very little attention. Just drop the seeds directly into containers and place them in a sunny spot. Give them regular water and they'll grow! I love to eat raw peas  and am happy to discover they're one of the most nutritious vegetables.

Fall 2009 was the first time I tried to grow peas. I bought two varieties of seeds: Burpee's Oregon Sugar Pod II and Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas and planted them in containers. Sadly, our much-needed El Nino rains in winter drowned the ones I had planted in the oak barrel (I'd forgotten to drill holes at the bottom or sides!!!). By the grace of God, I had also planted seeds in individual 5 gallon containers. These contained to grow and produce prolifically. Now, it is almost mid-May and I am still enjoying snacks of freshly harvested peas.

For more information about growing peas in containers, check out the website at In Southern California, Sunset Western Garden Zone 23, peas are best seeded in the fall and can be harvested starting winter through late spring.

I've decided to add sugar peas and sugar snap peas to my list of veggies to start from seed every fall.  The humble pea is a very special gift from our awesome God that reminds me, every day, to rest in Christ and receive the fruit of the Spirit. Thank you, dear God!

This post is dedicated to my friend @AskGarden. Josh kindly wrote up details for me on his blog for growing sweet peas last fall. Even though I didn't grow sweet pea flowers, his encouragement motivated me to grow sugar peas. Now, with the success of these peas, I am looking forward to starting sweet peas shortly.

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