Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden Club starts! In the Garden of Eden!!

Our first Garden Club meeting on Saturday, 10 April, was such a feast for our bodies and our souls that I'm beginning to think we well and truly met in the Garden of Eden. Incidentally, the Garden of Eden was mentioned in our day's meditation verse (Genesis 2:15). 12 of us met (6 couldn't make it this time) and our Triune God was definitely present! Suzanne and Andy had laid out a wonderful feast: a mouthwatering and elegantly displayed array of deli meats and cheeses. I can still see the fresh green lettuces and bright red tomatoes! Martha contributed the Tomato and Basil Bread from Panera and yours truly brought their famous Bacon-Turkey Bravo dressing (homemade).  Christie contributed some excellent candies which along with Suzanne's lemon bars and cookies served as dessert and of course, Suzanne had fresh fruit, mangoes, 3 different kinds of berries along with tangerines (from Martha).
After a wonderful time of fellowship, there were 3 hand-on gardening activities: 1) planting seeds of greens, herbs, and tropical/summer fruits (vines), 2) transplanting mustard greens and nasturtiums which I had started from seed in March, and 3) admiring the succulent dish gardens that Linda & Dave and Christie donated for sale at the IPC Ladies Spring Cafe on April 17th to benefit Pravaham; we were supposed to write out care instructions for the Pravaham donors/buyers to take home with their dish gardens.

Finally, the exchange was a wonderful bonanza! Suzanne & Andy - pink flowers pin cushion cacti & kalanchoes of all colors; Martha - basil and cucumber seeds; Christie - scented geraniums and a wide variety of aeonium and other succulent cuttings, lots of lemons, and potted succulent dish gardens; Jon, despite his absence sent us his heirlooms! Anita - mustard greens & nasturtium seedlings & and seeds (Romaine lettuce, cantaloupe, watermelon). 

We also talked briefly about gardening as a ministry and don't yet have a structure or clear idea of what we will do as a group but, some themes have already emerged. The first, most importantly, is that we're interested in eco-friendly, organic gardening in our own backyards with plants of all kinds. From growing vegetables and fruits to flowers and privacy screens we all want to know more about how to do these things well. We want to give each other gifts of cuttings and plants but then, how do we grow the tomato plants or the cuttings successfully?  Care instructions are needed. Second, there's interest in co-operative gardening, i.e., sharing seeds and vegetable and other produce but also planning our plantings together (e.g. agreeing to grow different types of tomatoes).

Other ideas/topics mentioned include: field trips, propagation, transplanting, fertilizing, growing herbs, succulents, tropical fruits, bulbs, shade gardening, container gardening, square foot gardening, pest control, worm composting, cut flowers, gardening for missions or "service project" gardening in support of church missions, creating habitats for our neighborhood creatures,  gardening in a busy life, backyard design, etc.

Suzanne & I remain open to your ideas. We encourage you to share them, especially if you weren't able to be at this meeting.  Email them or leave Comments right here. Call us or talk to us on the church patio. Thank you! (Credits: Photos by Christie)

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  1. The first Garden Club meeting looked and sounded wonderful. I am hooked and hope I can come next time.

    I would love to know how to get rid of whiteflies and those nasty little gnatty flies without using poison. I can't risk hurting my birds ( wild finches, dove and hummers) or my "girls" Maggie&Reggie.



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