Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Very First Daffodil & About Consolation and Desolation Too!

I planted bulbs for the very first time last fall - daffodils, blue iris, and freesia - and I'm just beginning to enjoy them. My first daffodil bloomed the other day! William Wordsworth's famous poem about daffodils, I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, was one of my favorites in school. The sight of a field of daffodils fills Wordsworth with pleasure long after he's left them and whenever he's in a sad, empty or thoughtful mood. I've never really seen a field of daffodils I think and if I have I've forgotten it; what a curse of our modern age that we are so overloaded with sensory and other information & trapped by our technological memory extenders that if we don't have a picture or souvenir we rarely remember it or think it didn't happen! Anyway, I realized that just one daffodil, especially one planted by me months ago and blooming after a night of rain - a gift from God - is one gazing upon which "my heart with pleasure fills and dances with the daffodils." My heart was filled with pleasure when I looked out my window and saw my daffodil for the very first time on Thursday. But then life hemmed me in, I forgot to go into my garden or look out my window on friday and I started to feel overwhelmed :(. Thanks to the Ignatian & Benedictine practices that I have learned and do daily such as the Examen. praying the Divine Office, and most especially because of a strong spiritual mentoring/direction relationship I did not forget for long. Over the weekend, Saturday in the gentle rain and Sunday in the warm healing SoCal sun I've begun to dance with my daffodil :). In perfect freedom, love, joy, and peace! I have now learned the pattern of my desolation and know that God's consolation is never far away. I must just keep on practicing the spiritual exercises I already do.

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