Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me

Our exploration of the Ignatius Spiritual Exercises, last week, led us to a vivid and deeper understanding of Jesus' rejection in his hometown of Nazareth. It seemed people were ready to hear Jesus and even praised his graciousness. But they quickly became hostile when they realized that Jesus had not read the complete Isaiah prophecy. Jesus, however, "walks right through them." As we continue to engage with the Spiritual Exercises, let us be aware that the Holy Spirit lives in us and pray for the grace to keep our hearts and minds focused on our growing relationship with God. I'm sorry I forgot to post the lecture slides last week. Here they are now:

Scripture for Lectio: Hosea 11: 3 & 4 (NIV)
Scripture for Lecture: Luke 4: 16-30
Lecture slides: The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me (pdf)

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