Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knowing Jesus' Voice

To know Jesus, as we learned last year in our year-long study of John, means to become enlightened, to step out of darkness, to walk in light. In John, Jesus is always pointing to God and the spiritual realities but the disciples and others keep focusing on the physical.  We're starting the third week of our study Choosing Christ in the World. Here's the Lectio passage and also, what I shared today:
Scripture: John 10: 14-15
Lecture slides: Knowing Jesus' Voice
Movie Clip: Scene 12 - Jesus Cures the Blind Man, Spiritual Blindness, Jesus the Good Shepherd - The Gospel According to John (2003 movie featuring Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus Christ)

Knowing Jesus means trusting him (he's good and has laid down his life for us), desiring intimacy with him and spending time with him in truth and love - truth about ourselves, what's happening, and our feelings towards God. We do this not to beat ourselves up or feel guilty but to refresh ourselves with the healing, intimate love of Jesus, to be renewed by the indwelling Spirit and experience abundant life (receiving his gift of living water which cleans and rejuvenates). Knowing Jesus also means, like the sheep, "hearing" him, following in trusting, ongoing, lifelong discipleship, and like Jesus, obedient to the Father. Living and dying for the glory of God. The Ignatius Spiritual Exercises, through the exercise of imagination (using all of our senses, not just our mind, to imagine the scenes and characters we read in the Bible), discipline (by making the choice to give something up so we can spend that time with God through Scripture and prayer), and generosity (being generous in giving God time and effort) are some starting points to help us better know Jesus' voice and experience his peace as we hear and obey. John in the Good Shepherd passage starts to move his readers from "signs of faith" (visual evidence or miracles that bring the first belief in Jesus as Son of God) to a deeper allegiance (what does it really mean to be a follower of Jesus?).

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