Friday, October 16, 2009

Consider the lilies

On 14th October, we started the fourth week of our study Choosing Christ in the World. Here's the Lectio passage and also, the lecture slides:

Scripture for Lectio: Psalm 139
Scripture for Lecture:Matthew 6: 25-34
Lecture slides: Consider the Lilies

Jesus is totally counter-cultural because he commands us, his disciples, not to be anxious about our bodies, our lives, what we'll eat or wear. Instead, he asks us to focus and seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. He gives us the lilies and birds as our examples. Just imagine that - lilies that have absolutely no say or control over where and how they may grow. Similarly, the birds. Yet, they do fine. In the case of lilies, actually more than fine - they're gorgeous! We are so much more rare and precious and our heavenly father knows what we need to live and will provide. Ignatian reading of the Bible and practices like the Examen, are thus are a way, a discipline, to help us keep our eyes focussed on Christ, the man God who lived, enjoyed life, suffered poverty & injustice, and died, as a human because he loved us so much.  We're more aware of God's love and grace in our lives rather than wallowing in a victim or control personality. In response to God's love, we choose, freely, to live for the glory of God and enjoy our status as created and beloved creatures. We continually submit our activities, values & systems - individualism, competitive, consumerism, democracy, capitalism, even church - to examination through his eyes, especially how they may be drawing us away from God and draining us of the abundant life that we do have in Christ.

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