Friday, August 31, 2018

The Economy of Grace

The Economy of Grace

A Short Story

The economy of grace is like a wild-life friendly garden. 
The mourning doves' nest was empty.  The parents and babies had just flown away.  Grace missed them.  She heard rustling sounds and found a fledgling crow trying to hide behind the purple potato bush.  Soon she learned that the blue eyes meant it was a baby that had probably fallen out of a nest in the liquidambar trees, and had not yet learned to fly.
Diversity abounds and thrives in a wild-life friendly suburban garden,

Delighted by the unexpected gift, Grace put fresh water and prepared scrambled eggs every day for Sheryl, as she named the fledgling.  She even cut fresh fruits, but she took care not to go too near.  Friends warned her that young crows were impressionable and imprinted humans very quickly.  Once imprinted, the fledgling would follow people, and not learn from other crows the skills necessary to survive on its own in the world.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eastertide aka Paschal Time: The Mystery of Salvation

Eastertide or Paschal Time as it's also known will end soon; June 4th. This, in case you've forgotten, is the time when Jesus walked the earth as a resurrected human being. I've been contemplating how that must have felt. One of the questions that I've been thinking about is this: What did Jesus eat? How often did he eat? Did his body need the nutrients? Alongside the contemplation are also my real-life experiences. What is happening in the world around me, politically, culturally, and socially. Well, my social media feeds are filled with one group of friends all upset about the climate crisis while some of the same and many others continue undeterred in their 'conspicuous consumption' lifestyles and selfish obsessions. I'm so tired of the evangelical Christian hypocrisy that I've pretty much withdrawn from it all! But God as always is faithful, steadfast love.  Guess what the Bible and the Holy Spirit have led me to blessing me with much peace and harmony?